LCD "YAROSLAVSKY" K. 24.1-24.2

TYPE OF WORKS                                 Subcontracting

LOCATION                        Moscow region, Mytishchi, st. Borisovka, 24.1 - 24.2

TOTAL AREA                      36,400m2

                               25 storeys 

STARTING WORK                           April 2016

COMPLETION OF WORKS                    November 2017

STATUS                                          Completed
The project provides for the construction of two 25-storey monolithic towers, which are part of the Levoberezhny microdistrict, located in the city of Khimki, on the street. Sovkhoznaya, 11. Buildings 24.1 and 24.2 are being built according to an individual project - each building has a non-residential ground floor given over to commercial premises.

год : 2016

Компания : Aksima

Название проекта : LCD "YAROSLAVSKY" K. 24.1-24.2

Место нахождения : Moscow