TYPE OF WORKS                                  Subcontracting

LOCATION                        Moscow, Volokolamsk highway, vl. 67, to 3, to 4, to.5, to.6

TOTAL AREA                      265 936m2

FLOORS                                k.3 - 25, k.4 - 24-25, k.5 - 22, k.6 - 24-25

STARTING                           November 2017

COMPLETION OF WORKS                    September 2020

Moscow's outstanding urban development project for the integrated development of the territory of the Tushino airfield                                          is under construction . Located in a unique natural area on the banks of the Moscow River, 10 km from the center. A distinctive feature is the complete absence of archaic residential or industrial buildings, this is a completely new residential cluster being built on a green peninsula surrounded by a river and forest.

год : 2017

Компания : Aksima

Название проекта : LCD "TUSHINO 2018"

Место нахождения : Moscow