TYPE OF WORKS                                   Subcontracting

LOCATION                        Moscow region, Khimki, st. Sovkhoznaya 11, building 15

TOTAL AREA                     61 300m2

                              25 storeys 

STARTING WORK                           May 2015

COMPLETION OF WORKS                    March 2017

STATUS                                          Completed

Building 15 is part of the Levoberezhny residential complex in Khimki. The building has a height of 25 floors and provides for 816 apartments. The main feature of the building is a high ratio of usable areas - this was achieved thanks to carefully thought-out layouts of apartments and common areas. 

During construction, it was possible to reduce the consumption of concrete and reinforcement due to the qualitative calculation of the structure.

год : 2015

Компания : Aksima

Название проекта : LCD "LEVOBEREZHNY" K. 15

Место нахождения : Moscow