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AKSIMA GROUP - reliable engineering and construction company with rich experience (since 2003). We offer a full cycle of construction works: from the idea to the commissioning of the facility. At the design stage, we make a high-quality visualization of the future object. We make a thorough assessment of the soil, using modern and efficient technologies at the stage of geological surveys and earthworks, thus eliminating the risks when laying the foundation. We design and lay engineering networks and communications,paying special attention to the current regulatory documents and the future purpose of the facility. We are engaged in registration and obtaining all the necessary documentation in state bodies, thereby saving your time and effort. We are the official distributors of the products of the world leaders in the construction market Kingspan PalDuct, Dantherm and Östberg, which allows you to save a lot while maintaining a high level of performance.
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The project is the basis for the construction of any object. In order to develop and implement a project, qualified specialists are needed - after all, the design of buildings and structures is a complex and time-consuming task that involves the creation of many drawings, calculations, and the preparation of other documentation using software systems for computer-aided design and drawing. Advanced design technologies will allow the client to visually see the object before construction begins. The technical department of our company will obtain all the necessary permits from government agencies, freeing the Customer, if necessary, from lengthy approvals

Engineering survey

Geotechnical surveys are part of project preparation and are carried out to determine the reliability of the site allocated for construction, immediately before the start of designing the foundation of the future facility. The choice of the type of foundation and further design is made on the basis of data on the physical and chemical properties of the soil and the hydrological regime of the site (in particular, on the level of standing groundwater). With a lack or complete absence of geological survey data, the likelihood of engineering errors during design increases. An incorrectly designed foundation can subsequently cause deformation and premature destruction of the erected building.


Any level of complexity of construction requires certain earthworks. Their most important task is to provide a reliable foundation. Construction and installation works are impossible without preliminary design with excavation. Qualitative planning of earthworks and accurate calculations have a positive effect on subsequent construction. Earthworks account for approximately 15% of the total budget and approximately 25% of the total time costs. For efficient processing and rational use of soil, additional efficient technologies are needed.

Monolithic works

This type of construction is one of the most popular methods of erecting a variety of structures today. The technology ensures the formation of a single frame made of artificial stone reinforced with metal. The whole structure is a single block, which includes both the foundation and the house itself. Monolithic concrete work is a way that provides the possibility of realizing any ideas of modern architects. The best thing about the quality is the fact that the offices of large corporations around the world, regardless of their height, are built in this way.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

The HVAC system is an important component in the design of industrial and administrative buildings, where safe and comfortable conditions in terms of temperature and humidity are maintained with the help of outside air supply. It is an indispensable attribute of a modern smart home. The main task of microclimate management is to create and maintain a microclimate that is comfortable for humans, plants, animals or material objects (equipment, works of art, etc.) within a building or structure, as well as to save energy spent on creating and maintaining a microclimate.

Fire protection system

This system is the most important in the design and construction of a building, since the fire protection standards of the Russian Federation are strictly regulated, and the system of the constructed building itself is carefully checked every year. The fire protection system includes a fire extinguishing system, an APS system and a SOUE. An integrated approach to the design of these components of the fire protection system, as well as its testing and adjustment, should be carried out exclusively by professionals with vast experience in such work.

Electric installation work

In the current age of technology, when no one can imagine a comfortable and full of convenience life without their favorite electrical appliances (and to a greater extent, of course, modern gadgets), electrical installation specialists are in demand more than ever. Highly qualified electrical installers are able to perform any work, from designing according to the purpose of the building and premises, ending with a radical change in electrical wiring throughout the premises and replacing switches and sockets.

Finishing facilities

High-quality interior decoration is the hallmark of the company. The level of mastery is achieved through many years of work and experience. Our company has a powerful team capable of realizing any bold dreams of architects and bringing coziness and comfort to your restaurant, shop, office or apartment. It does not matter whether our specialists work with the most expensive finishing materials or with more budgetary ones - the quality always remains at the highest level.

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